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RealTechee pre-sale home preparation concierge service is a complimentary renovation and staging program supports agents and brokerages, offering a higher value to homeowners and allowing them to maximize their property value.
Our unique turn-key management and technological tools, including automated programs, virtual walkthroughs, CRM and UI, creates a better user experience and a higher level of execution, which will allow you to offer a better value for your customers and to better compete. 


Booster – zero cost upfront for the homeowner

❑  Presale home preparation with no financing needed
  Including all other Booster program benefits

Booster upfront

❑  Presale home preparation with zero cost upfront - facilitating cost, paid at close of escrow.
  Assigned designer and project manager will work closely with the agent and homeowner to maximize results.
  Full visibility in real-time throughout the project life cycle, both for the agent and homeowner, to drive better results and enhance user experience.

Booster pro

❑  Allowing the homeowner use his preferred vendor, facilitated by RealTechee
❑  Including all other Booster program benefits


Benefits for You

  Better results and higher value for your efforts.
  Sell faster, sell for a higher price and pay after closing. 
  Increase your annual volume and income.
  Offer more value to homeowners for a better conversion rate for your leads.
  Use more tools to better compete and secure more opportunists.
  Promote and generate exposure throughout RealTechee channels to the market.
  RealTechee expert will join you to any meeting with potential seller to assist you securing the listing agreement, per request.

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